Where to get an abortion in South Africa

There are several clinics in South Africa scattered all over the country where you can get safe abortion. Abortion is legal in South Africa from 1 week to 20 weeks. But after 12 weeks you may start struggling to get help as the law allows you to terminate without questions until that period (12 weeks). After 12 weeks many clinics and government hospitals in all likelihood will not help you. So make a quick decision.

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Depending on where you we can assist you get the right termination of pregnancy help. All you have to do is to call us:

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Where to get abortion pills in South Africa

It is possible to get abortion pills in South Africa, but there is a challenge that you have to know exactly what you are looking for. If you do not know what you are looking for there is a chance of getting the wrong thing.

It is critical that you do your research and make sure you get the right pills. But you must remember that there several types of pills with different names, they all do the same thing. Before getting the pills ask what you are getting and try to find out on Google what you are buying. There is a lot of fake pills on the market. Sometimes also you may get the right pills but the dose may be very small that it will still not help you. The trick is to have the right information.

Remove the guessing from all this by contacting us and we shall point you in the right direction.

Abortion helpline South Africa

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What does abortion cost in South Africa / How much is abortion

There is no uniform price for abortion in South Africa. The price depends on so many factors. The price depends on where you are getting the help from. Private organisations are more expensive than government. In fact government is free if you can get help there (It is a bit difficult to get help in government clinics because of the numbers of people but possible).

Surgeries are also cheaper than full fledged private hospitals. Marie Stopes also offers this service in around 10 locations around South Africa but they are also pricey.


Termination with pills is very safe – WhatsApp – 079 609 2546

If you want to terminate and you are not sure that to do we can point you in the right direction.

Abortion helpline South Africa

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Abortion herbs in South Africa

There is nothing like this. Things like Stametta will bring you more problems than help you terminate a pregnancy. You should avoid anything other than surgical or medical termination of pregnancy.

All these things you hear from friends, drinks, all kinds of stuff will only bring you trouble and will not terminate your pregnancy. Use only what the World Health Organisation (W H O) recommends and that is surgical termination or medical termination with a pill.

Herbs NO, NO.

Home Abortion in South Africa | 

Homemade Abortion in South Africa

The only way you will terminate an abortion successfully at home is by using abortion pills, and nothing else. Do not hit your stomach. Do not try all those silly things your friends tell you. You will only get into trouble and not them. The only person you should listen to is the health professional. Friends do not not know a thing and they are not pregnant. When you get into trouble they will not be there. It will only be you.

So the only way to terminate an unwanted pregnancy at home is through using pills and abortion pills. Period. Nothing else works out safely other than pills.

Pills are also most effective when the pregnancy is early. Late pregnancy may lead you to seek for medical termination.

So if you are pregnant act early and seek assistance for the right pills and you will be helped.

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Other than termination with pills and surgical termination all other methods of termination are considered unsafe abortion South Africa.

If you need help:

Abortion helpline South Africa

Call us or WhatsApp: + 27 79 609 2546 

Abortion clinics

There are several abortion clinics around the country. But you must remember that abortion is not open ended. You will not get help if you are late and pitch up at 6 moths plus pregnant and hope to get help. It will not happen. 

What is in you keeps growing every passing day. It is therefore critical to terminate early and put the situation behind you.

If you are looking for an abortion clinic near you the abortion helpline is above. Call that number and we shall point you in the right direction.

Abortion Options South Africa | Abortion Week Limit South Africa

Termination of pregnancy is allowed between 1 week to 12 weeks without any questions. You do not need to get permission from any one. You do not need permission from your husband. You do not need permission from your parents. If you feel you do not want to carry the child to term you just decide to terminate and it will be granted. That is what the law says.

13 weeks to 20 weeks you will have to explain yourself. The law requires you to state why you want an abortion at a late stage. You had an open period to terminate without questions and you did not do it. What is the issue now.

21 weeks to full term there must be a terrible disaster to terminate, you will be very luck to get help during this period.

So abortion is not open ended. There are laws that govern this whole thing. Make sure that you decide early and time does not decide your fate.

If you need help:

Abortion helpline South Africa

Call us or WhatsApp: + 27 79 609 2546