This is a female run clinic for women

We are a predominantly women run clinic. But we have men as part of our staff. It is normal and acceptable. We offer abortion services nationwide. If we can not reach you will shall advice you on how to get help. Just call us now for help. We shall assist you quickly and effectively.

Type of Abortion we Offer:

The most common type abortion we offer is medical abortion. Medical abortion means termination with a pill. We do offer this type of abortion because it is cheap and we able to serve very many women quickly, cheaply and safely.

Medical abortion is effective and you can do it in the comfort of your home as it is extremely safe. All that happens to you is that you get cramps that expel the pregnancy tissue from your body similar to what would happen to you in a spontaneous miscarriage.


No appointment is necessary. Just give us call or WhatsApp: 079 609 2546. You can come the same day you contact us. It is first come first served. We do not do appointments at all.

Is Abortion Safe:

100% safe and Guaranteed. We are professionals and we shall serve you effectively, safely and quickly.

Abortion is time sensitive:

Abortion is a time sensitive thing. As soon as you realize you are pregnant decide what you want to do with your body. Do you want to carry the pregnancy to term or you want to terminate. Decide as soon as possible because there is a cut off time. The law is very clear about when abortion should be done without questions. 1 to 12 weeks you just decide to terminate and you will be helped. After 12 weeks you may find it hard to get help.

Let us help you today. Contact us Now.

For a GUARANTEED –  Quick, Safe, Affordable.


WhatsApp or Call: +27 79 609 2546